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i downloaded vgs cuz i wanted to try gran turismo and metal gear solid on it but wenever i run vgs it always crashes with a bluescreen saying

An exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C1607C1A in VXD SCSIPORT 01 + 000005AA This was called from 0082:C1837084 in VXD SCSI1H1P (03) + 00000774. It may be possible to continue normally.

press any key to attempt to *blah* *blah* * blah* u know that annoying bluescreen

if anyone knows whats wrong please help me

thanx in advance

:confused: B :confused:

Welcome to the boards. I have VGS but I have never encountered this ,so I can't really help. Also, I don't really use VGS anymore, not since ePSXe has been out. There is no need.
Lastly, this request belongs in the VGS forum, you are much more likely to get help w/it there. It also belongs there since it pertains specifically to VGS and not other emus. So I'm moving it to the VGS discussion forum. Take care and good luck w/your problem.
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