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The save game problem

Hello everyone.
Yes, it is true and I also faced the same problem when I played Suikoden using VGS 1.41. When I created the memory card and try to save it for the first time, it did works fine without a problem. But after I played the game for a bit and try to save again, an error occurs with "UNABLE TO OPEN FILE" message appear. And then I found a solution.
Everytime you want to save the game, you must create a brand new memory card. That is, press ESC and go to the "PREFERENCE" menu, and create a new memory card. Then, return to the game and you can save it normally. But remember, you have to recreate a new memory card like I've mentioned every time you want to save. It may seems tedious, but it works. I've already finished Suikoden using VGS 1.41. If you're planning to play Suikoden 2, I'm gladly to tell you that it runs perfectly with VGS 1.41.
I hope that would come in handy. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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