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Help with Valkyrie Profile please....

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Game crash when Valkyrie and Freya on the worldmap (even if a use Bleem to pass this place, next time on map crashing VGS again...). I try to use 50xx patch,"games.txt" but result still the same... What can i do with this BIG bug? (i using VGS 1.41) Sorry about my bad english... Its because i'am from Russia. lol
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Hi Gray, and welcome to emuforums !!! :) ...the problem with VP crashing on VGS (and generally behaving erratically in EVERY other psx emu) is well known. Please read the following thread to see some info on how to make VP playable on VGS....

....this method requires bleem, in order to work. If you don't have it, follow this thread and download my VGS memory card....

....good luck, & have fun with VP - it's a fantastic RPG !!!
Originally posted by Keiichi
Ah, that sights guy....when it comes to Valkyrie Profile, he sure replies fast, ne? :)

come to think of it...VP was the reason I came to emuforums in the first place. :D But I can't find my very first post anymore....

[edit] oh, btw, when the times comes to get that mermaid character, the "whirlpool fmv" sometimes crashes in VGS. i suggest you save before going into that town. Read the gamefaqs walkthroughs for more info on when you'll encounter that.
:D hi Keiichi :D ...I knew that you would show up in this thread - you are after all one of the "select few" who actually like Valkyrie Profile (like myself :rolleyes: )...

by the way, you can display your entire post history by clicking on your "profile" button & then on "search for all posts by this user"
...wasn't this your first post ? ;)

....Oh, one more thing : do you have a memcard file with a save close to that "whirlpool fmv" ? ...I'd like to test it a bit and see what happens !!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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