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Help with Valkyrie Profile please....

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Game crash when Valkyrie and Freya on the worldmap (even if a use Bleem to pass this place, next time on map crashing VGS again...). I try to use 50xx patch,"games.txt" but result still the same... What can i do with this BIG bug? (i using VGS 1.41) Sorry about my bad english... Its because i'am from Russia. lol
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Thanxxx a lot! 8))) Btw... About sound bug with Tales of Eternia (in US Tales of Destiny 2)... May i find some patch for VGS to solve this problem? I read thread about ToD2 in this forum, it looks like nobody plays this game with good sound... Its sade.... 8(
Sorry for my BAD english again...
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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