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Help with Valkyrie Profile please....

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Game crash when Valkyrie and Freya on the worldmap (even if a use Bleem to pass this place, next time on map crashing VGS again...). I try to use 50xx patch,"games.txt" but result still the same... What can i do with this BIG bug? (i using VGS 1.41) Sorry about my bad english... Its because i'am from Russia. lol
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Hey! I like VP too! That, I think was one of the very first reasons why I started posting too then.

With regards to the ToD2 speech problem, it's quite odd. The speech problem is always there when you first start the game. However, as time progresses, It disappears. (At least it did with me. I don't ever recall having changed any settings.)

Note that I am referring to the out of combat speech. The speech cuts after combat seems to be an incurable problem for VGS. Try ePSXe. Although honestly, I can never get it to work 100% correctly. Either the speech still has problems or I lose certain graphical effects.

I finished the first disc after bearing the first few out of combat speech. I ignored the after combat ones.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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