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Hi Guys:

I have a PIII 750, 398 RAM Matrox g400max, Audio Ensoniq PCI, and SCSI hard disks. I have no problem to running EpsxE ( with latest version of Pete´s GPU, SPU & CDR plugins) in major of games I have.

But I´m still can´t run Tomb Raider I & 2 (3, Last Rev. & Chronicles works fine!). TR1 freezes after the inicial movie & before principal menu. And TR2 show me principal rotating menu, but game freezes after I select the option (New game or Training).

Please, help this confused mind with your bright experience.

God bless you


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disable spu irq for Tomb Raider 2.. I did get TR2 working but there are still lots of graphic bugs.. When you go underwater, weird things starts happenning.. The parts above water turn clear and see through.. I am not sure if its a gpu problem or a gte problem.. And Laras' feet and head get cut off a little while under water.. Try pressing f4, f4 before you try to start a new game..
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