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help with this game if possable

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so frustrated trying to get this game to work

first of all my specs are
Q6600 o/c to 2.8
2 gig ram
9500 nvidia card
got latest drivers etc on xp

i been trying to get this game GI jockey for the wii working
i start the game use all the menus ok even use the tutorial
that uses the video and i can control the horse etc
at fps 48-60 vps 48-50 i can start story mode everything works
until i start to the race part then the fps goes to 10-25 vps 30-45
i got the race to start but at different speeds in fps and vps but eveytime 8-14 seconds
into the race the game freezes and locks up

i try ed all sorts of settings with open gl and
direct 3d9
use 4 different dolphin builds but i cannot get the game passed 14 seconds

OK its this the game itself or am i doing something wrong
i cannot put setting in here as i trying many combination of setting
must have stopped and started it
(well froze and restarted it 120+times trying to find a setting
that works very frustrating that i been trying for last week to
get this game to work only game i want to play

if anyone had played this game or know the
setting for it i would love to if you could help me out

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