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i cant seem to press start after the loading screen finish
computer specs

windows XP service pack 2
pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00Ghz intel
3.00 GHz, 512 MB of RAM
ATI radeon 9250

Petes PSX Open GL Driver 1.76
using defautl fast settings

eternal SPU plugin 1.41
checked enable soung
checked enable CD CDA Sound
Checked emable XA sound
Checked Enable SPU IRQ hack

Direct Sound Buffer Size 64
AOM Thread
SPU IRQ enabled
wait for XA buffer is free enable

mooby 2cd disk image driver 2.8*default*

running game from iso
Tales Of Destiny 2 CD1.img 546,331 KB 533 MB*when press properties*

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ok first of all, dont triple post. just wait for a reply. we dont all check the forums every few seconds like you, ok?

anyway, does your controller work at all in other games?

you can try PSXeven, SSSPSX, or PCSX with a pad plugin (harakiri's is good)
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