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Hey all, I don't understand this pad emulator very much yet having only just downloaded it last night, here's my problem.

I am trying to play the game mention in the title but it is recognizing my pad (Logitech F310) in direct input mode, it doesn't recognize it if i switch it to xinput mode.

The pad works in the game but the move forward and back are reversed so you pull down on the left stick and he walks forward.

I have a ps3 pad, which works in xinput mode with some 3rd party software but that's not recognized in game either.

After hunting for a solution online, I found some people on steam saying that it only works properly with a xbox360 controller, so i found this program to emulate the 360 pad (v4.12.23.0).

After going through the first post on this forum I went through the procedure and found dinput8.dll and xinput1_3.dll in the associated modules list. (there was also an easyhook32.dll)

Just looking for some help if anybody has played this game and got it working with a 360 pad or knows a way to reverse the left stick axis.

any help is greatly appreciated thanks


I have tried some other games and the pad emulator works perfectly, it seems it's just this game thats trying to read Direct Input for some reason.
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