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guys.. well im playing soul reaver ntsc usa... epsxe always freezes in a point where raziel will fight with vampires (first encounter)... the error would be.. "freeing memory ram etc etc... available memory ram.. etc etc" .. then it freezes.. anyone could help me?

Im using:

pete opengl plugins 1.52
epsxe sound core
epsxe cdrom

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Pete Opengl plugin 1.52

1024*768 16 bit
change desktop settings on
use frame limit on
unfiltered buffer on
color dithering on
gfx buffer on
advance blending on
offscreen drawing 3
alpha multimass on
caching type 2
texture quality r8g8b8a8
filtering none

epsxe sound plugin
epsxe cdrom plugin

my pc specs
pentium 111 733
192 ram
nvidia tnt2 m64
detonator driver : tried with 7.58 but same error .now using detonator 4 but still doesnt work..
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