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Ok, I think I'm an idiot. But I'll take it from the top.
Two days ago, I was trying to figure out if I could play games saved from VBA 1.8.3 Beta in the VBALink 1.8.0. So, in my messing around, I made a .sgm and .sg1 file of Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls. I eventually gave up, and continued playing until about half an hour ago. (If it is possible, I would greatly appreciate the knowledge!)
I saved the game inside the game (going into the start menu and clicking "save", not clicking file>load), then for whatever reason that made sense at the time, loaded the .sgm from two days ago (without saving outside the game). The problem now is that I can't seem to go back to where I had saved inside the game, whether I load the .sgm or .sg1.
Can I recover the in-game saves, or are the lost forever? And what, exactly, goes on when I save in-game? Where is that saved?
Thanks for reading to the end of this, and I hope you can help!

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They are gone.

VBA stores a copy of the native save in the state, and will replace the native save with that in the older state.

VBA-M allows you to disable loading the battery data.
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