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Hi, I've been trying for the past 2 days to configure a bunch of PSX emulators. ePSXe has finally given me some hope until I realized while playing that there little to no rumble support. I found out about a pad plugin called Harakiri for PCSXR and I keep receiving an error stating "ERROR Opening PAD 1 (-1). I also tried using a external program called ePSXeCutor to try and incorporate Harakiri into ePSXe but didn't know exactly how to configure it and had it keep crashing ePSXe. Is there anyone here who can possibly help me. I'm using a PS4 controller using the DS4Tool. The games I've been trying to play are Metal Gear Solid and Ape Escape. I did hear that ePSXe rumble support is not that great and with MGS it barely even works but I thought using Harakiri would help.

Edit:I seemed to sort of fix the PCSXR error but adding the same controller inputs to P2 but now PCSXR isn't registering any controller being used.
Edit2: Fixed this but my inputs for my right analog seem to be wrong.
Edit3: I finally found out how to fix the issue. But now I cannot find out why my Ape Escape's sound is screwed up, I can hear music just fine but voicelines aren't there.
Edit3: Found out about tapeq's shark tool, solved it all:)
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