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Help with PSO Version 2?

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can get all of my other cdis to run (built them all from scratch), but when i mount the image for PSO ver 2, the emu freezes upat the sega screen. i've tried raising and lowering cpu speed, tried capcom fix, any suggestions how to get this game running?
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Something that popped up in my mind:

On the DC PSOv2 put it's serial code in the DC's memory. Perhaps there are compatibility problems because of this. OR IF you are using a downloaded bios another code might have been entered already.

Note that I'm not accusing you of anything and that I'm just typing down my thougts in hope it might be some help. :)
funny i got my pso to work, but my armada doesnt, it freezes at sega sscreen
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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