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Help With Pokemon Platinum

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hey guys, When i open pokemon platinum , it gets to the press enter screen, then when i press "start" or enter, the screen just goes white, and stays white. what do i do?
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Did you set the correct save type? If not, then I suggest you to take a look at the FAQ thread. After which, save the settings, and reload the game.
Yeah i have, I put it onto Auto, like the FAQ said, and still didnt work. Just goes white when i pressed Enter
Try deleting no$gba.ini file in your no$gba folder.
Already done.
ok... I'm guessing you deleted no$gba.ini file, then you turned off the sound. >_>

Basically, turn the sound back on.
it is on, its on digital 44 mhz, and i've tried changing them a little, still no success
That's rather odd, since I just tried turning off the sound which gives me a white screen at the same place as you. And when I turn the sound back on, I can continue the game. :/

Try moving your no$gba folder somewhere that is close to your hard drive's root directory.
You're using a patched rom.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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