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Help with Pete's CDR plugin

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I managed to get pete's CDR plugin going but everytime i run epsxe to load a game, a illegal operation comes up.......
I can stil continue to play but the problem is that when i want to change discs, it hangs.........
The illegal operation says that epsxe has caused an invalid page fault or something like that...
Anyone knows how to get rid of that illegal operation?
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The 1.01 version of plugin don't work in my PC. But the new 1.02 work.
You tried the new one ?
Im using the lastest version.
Anyone got any ideas?
the only problem that has the version 1. 2, it is with Lewpy Glide plugin that causes this type of problems, with the plugin of pete d3d it doesn't pass that:), the form in that the Lewpy plugin initializes can be the problem:(
Someone else reported a conflict between the cdr plugin and a
background task... dunno what kind of conflict, but I advise to try it
and close all running applications, maybe it will help.

The disc changing of epsxe 1.2 is buggy, I think (I haven't investigated
it yet, but judging from the missing 'Open' call in epsxe 1.2 on startup,
I don't think that there is a proper cdr 'Close'/'Open' pair on disc change).

The crash with Lewpy's plugin... well, Lewpy's 1.33 works very well
on my system (Voodoo2 card) along with the cdr plugin... no
problems detected.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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