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Trying to start running pcsx2 on my comp and need help with settings. My current rig is:
Phenom 9500 running at 2.43 Ghz
4 gigs ddr2 1066 Kingston HyperX
ATI hd4870 XXX
Samsung dvdrw drive
Asus mobo
2 250 GB SATA hard drives
Vista ultimate 64
Tried testing with God of War 2 from the disc then tried using .iso file.
Running the disc resulted in alot of skipping in audio and video

Running the game from .iso it seems like game is in slow mo. Trying to figure out if I need new plugins or have plugin settings wrong or whatever. Im new to pcsx2 so be gentle. Im currently tryin to use gsdx 890 0.1.14 graphics plugin. Also using Linuz Iso cddvd 0.8.0. Probably going to need new plugins or just change the settings I have no clue. Anyone who can help pls do.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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