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Help With Norton PartitionMagic

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Well this really sucks, I have 2 drives on here. a 40gig and a 160gig , my 160gig was split into 2 partitions, which where both around 70gigs. i just reinstalled windows and moved it to the 40gig. just tried merging those 70gig partions. everything was going fine. it was merging files over, by the time it was almost done. i keept geting errors. a 1520 error "External attribute header mismatch" . :mad: :hdbash: dammmittttt. is their a way to fix this without reformating that drive?!!!! windows doesnt even reconize the thing... helllllp :(

well the drives sortof working now, atleast windows reconizes it. but the folder partition magic moved all my files into wont let me in it. all i get is access denied :(
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