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ok, i've pretty much tried everything, read every guide, and even tried playing games. when i try to load up an iso/bin images i don't get any error messages, but epsxe closes. i would like some info on what files i need/settings if at all possible. here are my system specs...

os: windows xp pro x64 (5.2 build 3790)
system model: m871g
processor: amd athlon 64 processor 3000+, ~2.0ghz
memory: 1024 ram
directx 9.0
NVIDIA Geforce4 mx 4000
display mode 1440x900
plug and play monitor
sound: C-media PCI audio
type: wdm

i'm not sure what else to put down, just ask me if i missed anything. all drivers are updated, i just dont understand how to get this to work. i also have problems with sound when i try to load any game on my computer, yet i have sound with everything else such as music, sound files, so on so fourth.

if at all possible i would also like to know how to use my Xbox 360 controller, and what program/installation is needed for it. thanks

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I'm not familiat with the XP64 system but I know most 32bits applications should run flawlessly with it.Well...
Do you have all your drivers updated?
Have you tried the compatibility mode?
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