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I just downloaded Visualboy Advance and am playing Pokemon FireRed on it. I am trying to use the gameshark to be able to catch other pokemon, like Bulbasaur or Charmander. I think it is called a wild pokemon modifier code.

Anyways, I have a Mac and have tried many different codes, but nothing has seemed to work. I don't know if I am entering the codes wrong or if I am using the wrong codes.

So if anyone can help me to use a wild pokemon modifier code for Pokemon FireRed on my Mac Visualboy Advance I would really appreciate it.

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Argh,... you're got a double whammy there.

for starters those pokemon games (FE and LG) are bastards to get the cheats working in the first place, and the fact you want to use gameshark on a mac is just ...... well im not going to risk my health over it.

use Action replay instead.
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