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Help with games and video card

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I want to buy a G-force 2 with TV out to play games on my TV ( bigger screen ) with ePSXe or ( in some cases ) VGS. It will work fine ? What games works better/should I buy ? I have a real playstation with FF7/8/9, MGS, Dino Crisis 2, GT2, FF tatics, Chrono Cross and some others, these seems to work fine, but but this 3d enhanced graphics just rocks and I will sure get better on large screen.
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The Asus V7700 GeForce 2 Deluxe does TV out and Video In. It works quite well for me. One thing to bear in mind is that you are limited to 800x600 for your output resolution. Even at 800x600 the image on the TV is a bit blurry and 10 point text at this resolution can be quite hard to read.
the quality of tv-out seems ok, not the best there is but not bad either. I have a geforce 2mx from hercules with an s-video out. well, vgs just looks like a real psx, and epsxe looks better :) I personally like it very much.
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