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Originally posted by Lyrai
In Final Fantasy VI, on the river sequence with Terra, Banon, Sabin, and Edgar, when I get to make the choice of weither I ca go Up or Left, when I choose Up, the game goes along fine until the first battle. It's against a Pteronadon, Nautilus and something else. Whenever anyone (Good guy or Bad guy) tries to hit anyone else, the game freezes! What is going on? Also all the town names are a dark dark grey.

SPU: Eternal SPU Plugin
GPU: Pete's OpenGL
Try using Peops soft GPU this isn't the fastest Soft GPU but it's one of the most complete if it doesn't give you the same problem .. it's possible a problem with your GL driver (exciting to know huh?). If you can try Pete's D3D 7.0 driver also. See what results you get.

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