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help with FF9

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I've been playing FF9 on a patched iso of my friends cd which seems to screw up right at the end of CD3 (after beating the guy in the black cape, forgot his name) so i went and rented a fresh copy but this wont even load, does it need to be patched or something, and if so how. Its and australian version which is pal i believe.
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Yes, ff9 pal versions need be patched to work in epsxe.

damn, i patched it but my save states arent compatable :(

does anyone know why it crashes after you beat garland, i just assumed it was my cds/iso cause the cds were scratched, but it might be something else.
There are bugs with saves state in ff9 that can cause it to crash just like that. The solution is to use a proper memory card save vai a moogle then exit, reload and complete that section with out using a single save state. Hopefully should get you past it.
uh, that crash after the fight on the ship is caracteristic from the Kalisto release, so u might wanna try another patch
you were both right, the save state was just screwed so i had to load from a previous save state and go through the battles again. I cant save via moogle it always says save failed but i think thats because i had the ****ed up kalisto release. it would randomly crash for me too.

Oh well its finished now.
where can i find the patch for pal version of ff9?
i have an italian version, which patch i have to download? is a good place for patchs, once you have it you need to use a ppf patcher on an iso of the game.

all can be found, including instructions at the above link.
ummmm.. I don't know if that is an acceptable site to post since it also has Cracks and if it gets removed you know why....
well i am new to this board but at most boards its ok as long as it isnt a direct link (ie. i dont know if its the same here so we'll see what happens.
Italian version... sorry your out of luck. That's the only version without a patch (ie its doesn't work).
great, I'm the only guy in the world that has buy ff9 original psx games without a psx and i can't play puttana eva!!!
Up untill July I was in the same boat (uk version) so I know how you feel
how long I have to wait just to play?
In your opinion?
you could try other patchs, when i used the UK patch on my australian version the patch said it was wrong version, but it still worked. So give it a try, you got nothing to lose.
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