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Help with ff8

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I'm new to psx emulation and i would like to know what settings of which plugins i should use to run ff8. everythig is too fast or too slow. my system specs are

pentium 4 1.8 ghz
256 ram
GeForce 2
soundblaster live
win ME
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Read the documents that come with epsxe as well as the pluggins.. Then read the FAQS at If you run into a specific problem, use the search function to search the boards.. If all else fails, ask here and post your specific configuration of epsxe and its pluggins as well as your system specs and problem..
I suggest you use Pete's OpenGL plugin then click on "nice" and on the off screen drawing lower it to 3-Extended and put a check on Mask Bit then for the sound plugin use Eternal then click on default as for the cd plugin, if the default ain't fine then use Pete's CDR plugin also put a check on accurate CD timing that setup should be okay for most games and not just FF8
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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