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help with dumpbios

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where does actually put the bios?
hdd? mc?
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host folder?
where? on the mc?
Umm how are you trying to extract the bios? Via the USB cable,via the netword adaptor?
network adapter

im just unsure about what to do first before running the biosdump
You should set up a LAN with your pc and the ps2...although auMatt told me he isnt sure dumpbios works with this way and i have no idea how to set up this lan..
i got my lan i can ftp to the ps2 and use naplink fine
i can recieve/send stuff gr8

so what would i do in order to get the bios...

configure the elf in keylauncher
run it
then what happens?
You need to run the bios dumper through Ps2link, and the bios will be dumped direct to host:. Meaning if you used Inlink to send the elf , the bios files will be in the same directory as the dumpbios.elf.

Hope that helps

i dont have ps2link
where can i obtain this.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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