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hello everybody... I' ve need your help.
I would like to configure this beautiful emulator
I'm playing super mario sunshine perfectly
but the wii games do not go well
my characteristics:
intel core 2 2.26 ghz P8400 1066 MHz FSB, 3MB L2 Cache
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT TurboCache up to 1791 MB
4Gb DDR2
please help with configuration :(

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I would like to play:
Super smash bros: brawl : go 100% in the first battle and in the video of metroid 100%
but after the video of metroid it repeat it... and then "DolphinIL has stopped working"

Super mario galaxy : go 60-70% in the story of the stars. and it goes 25-45% in the first stage.. that where
there are all the toad...
in the video of the cannon it go 70-80%.

Super paper mario : go at 100% in the menu. the first video go at 75-85% out of
the house and where the video go in the house it go 100%.

I use dolphin rev 3988
thanks for the help and... sorry for my English :p
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