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Assorted Codes [North America]

Max/Inf Money

Digimon 1 Max/Inf HP

Digimon 1 Current EXP 9999999 <-- Level 99 in one battle

All of Items <-- Press Select to activate Use after you've loaded your game. If you activate it in the Items menu, exit the menu and go back and the items will all be there.

well the item code is confusing to convert can someone help me with converting this item code to raw code which works

1. the raw for inf money is
2094D8F4 4CBEBC20
2. the raw for inf health is
20A04FC4 461C3C00
3. the raw code for inf exp digimon 1 is
20A04FC8 4B18967F
4.The confusing raw code for items are
E003FFFE 00304B82
2030472C 000A0000
10304730 000002FD
10304734 000002FD
200A0000 00630001
200A0004 00630003
200A0008 00630005
200A000C 00630007
200A0010 00630009
200A0014 0063000B
200A0018 0063000D
200A001C 0063000F
200A0020 00630011
200A0024 00630013
200A0028 00630015
200A002C 00630017
200A0030 00630019
200A0034 0063001B
200A0038 0063001D
200A003C 0063001F
200A0040 00630021
200A0044 00630023
200A0048 00630025
200A004C 00630027
200A0050 00630029
200A0054 0063002B
200A0058 0063002D
200A005C 0063002F
200A0060 00630031
200A0064 00630033
200A0068 00630035
200A006C 00630037
200A0070 00630039
200A0074 0063003B
200A0078 0063003D
200A007C 0063003F
200A0080 00630041
200A0084 00630043
200A0088 00630045
200A008C 00630047
200A0090 00630049
200A0094 0063004B
200A0098 0063004D
200A009C 0063004F
200A00A0 00630051
200A00A4 00630053
200A00A8 00630055
200A00AC 00630057
200A00B0 00630059
200A00B4 0063005B
200A00B8 0063005D
200A00BC 0063005F
200A00C0 00630061
200A00C4 00630063
200A00C8 00630065
200A00CC 00630067
200A00D0 00630069
200A00D4 0063006B
200A00D8 0063006D
200A00DC 0063006F
200A00E0 00630071
200A00E4 00630073
200A00E8 00630075
200A00EC 00630077
200A00F0 00630079
200A00F4 0063007B
200A00F8 0063007D
200A00FC 0063007F
200A0100 00630081
200A0104 00630083
200A0108 00630085
200A010C 00630087
200A0110 00630089
200A0114 0063008B
200A0118 0063008D
200A011C 0063008F
200A0120 00630091
200A0124 00630093
200A0128 00630095
200A012C 00630097
200A0130 00630099
200A0134 0063009B
200A0138 0063009D
200A013C 0063009F
200A0140 006300A1
200A0144 006300A3
200A0148 006300A5
200A014C 006300A7
200A0150 006300A9
200A0154 006300AB
200A0158 006300AD
200A015C 006300AF
200A0160 006300B1
200A0164 006300B3
200A0168 006300B5
200A016C 006300B7
200A0170 006300B9
200A0174 006300BB
200A0178 006300BD
200A017C 006300BF
200A0180 006300C1
200A0184 006300C3
200A0188 006300C5
200A018C 006300C7
200A0190 006300C9
200A0194 006300CB
200A0198 006300CD
200A019C 006300CF
200A01A0 006300D1
200A01A4 006300D3
200A01A8 006300D5
200A01AC 006300D7
200A01B0 006300D9
200A01B4 006300DB
200A01B8 006300DD
200A01BC 006300DF
200A01C0 006300E1
200A01C4 006300E3
200A01C8 006300E5
200A01CC 006300E7
200A01D0 006300E9
200A01D4 006300EB
200A01D8 006300ED
200A01DC 006300EF
200A01E0 006300F1
200A01E4 006300F3
200A01E8 006300F5
200A01EC 006300F7
200A01F0 006300F9
200A01F4 006300FB
200A01F8 006300FD
200A01FC 006300FF
200A0200 00630101
200A0204 00630103
200A0208 00630105
200A020C 00630107
200A0210 00630109
200A0214 0063010B
200A0218 0063010D
200A021C 0063010F
200A0220 00630111
200A0224 00630113
200A0228 00630115
200A022C 00630117
200A0230 00630119
200A0234 0063011B
200A0238 0063011D
200A023C 0063011F
200A0240 00630121
200A0244 00630123
200A0248 00630125
200A024C 00630127
200A0250 00630129
200A0254 0063012B
200A0258 0063012D
200A025C 0063012F
200A0260 00630131
200A0264 00630133
200A0268 00630135
200A026C 00630137
200A0270 00630139
200A0274 0063013B
200A0278 0063013D
200A027C 0063013F
200A0280 00630141
200A0284 00630143
200A0288 00630145
200A028C 00630147
200A0290 00630149
200A0294 0063014B
200A0298 0063014D
200A029C 0063014F
200A02A0 00630151
200A02A4 00630153
200A02A8 00630155
200A02AC 00630157
200A02B0 00630159
200A02B4 0063015B
200A02B8 0063015D
200A02BC 0063015F
200A02C0 00630161
200A02C4 00630163
200A02C8 00630165
200A02CC 00630167
200A02D0 00630169
200A02D4 0063016B
200A02D8 0063016D
200A02DC 0063016F
200A02E0 00630171
200A02E4 00630173
200A02E8 00630175
200A02EC 00630177
200A02F0 00630179
200A02F4 0063017B
200A02F8 0063017D
200A02FC 0063017F
200A0300 00630181
200A0304 00630183
200A0308 00630185
200A030C 00630187
200A0310 00630189
200A0314 0063018B
200A0318 0063018D
200A031C 0063018F
200A0320 00630191
200A0324 00630193
200A0328 00630195
200A032C 00630197
200A0330 00630199
200A0334 0063019B
200A0338 0063019D
200A033C 0063019F
200A0340 006301A1
200A0344 006301A3
200A0348 006301A5
200A034C 006301A7
200A0350 006301A9
200A0354 006301AB
200A0358 006301AD
200A035C 006301AF
200A0360 006301B1
200A0364 006301B3
200A0368 006301B5
200A036C 006301B7
200A0370 006301B9
200A0374 006301BB
200A0378 006301BD
200A037C 006301BF
200A0380 006301C1
200A0384 006301C3
200A0388 006301C5
200A038C 006301C7
200A0390 006301C9
200A0394 006301CB
200A0398 006301CD
200A039C 006301CF
200A03A0 006301D1
200A03A4 006301D3
200A03A8 006301D5
200A03AC 006301D7
200A03B0 006301D9
200A03B4 006301DB
200A03B8 006301DD
200A03BC 006301DF
200A03C0 006301E1
200A03C4 006301E3
200A03C8 006301E5
200A03CC 006301E7
200A03D0 006301E9
200A03D4 006301EB
200A03D8 006301ED
200A03DC 006301EF
200A03E0 006301F1
200A03E4 006301F3
200A03E8 006301F5
200A03EC 006301F7
200A03F0 006301F9

Ps big i know and a pain
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