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I'm in despair!
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Originally posted by baka
Using epsxe I always gets a xa sound problem with this game. whenever a character does a spell he will yell out the magic's name (in japanese), using epsxe the character will always say not just one magic but always ~3 at a time Why??
For ex. using Ryu and cast Heal, should only say Relieve, but I always get "Relieve, UpRelieve,...." (can't rem exactly) But he'll say 3 magic names.
Using VGS I have no problem what so ever with this, I'll only get one magic yelled out.
I have tried all different plugins and the results are the same.
Can anyone give me the best plugin setup that will solve and play this games better??? Or is this problem normal for epsxe?
I think there's no way to get the voices correctly on ePSXe. Last time I tested, depending on the plugin I'd get no voices or the problem you described above.

[]s Badaro
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