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I had bought a used ATi TV Wonder VE (NTSC version) a bit ago as a cheap TV tuner to watch and record the occasional show on my computer. I bought the product from a local computer shop, and noticed the thing didn't include the CD. I asked them whether they thought I needed it or if they knew whether I could download the software from ATi. They said I could so i took there word for it. Turns out that i can, sort of. ATi provides an update, but without the original software from the CD all I can use it for is watching TV. So here are my questions:
1.Does anyone know where I could aquire the cd or orginal software online (preferably for free)?
2.I've played around with DScaler abit, but have had some problems setting up, esp. with getting selecting the right TV tuner chip. Does anyone know where I could find a tutorial or something of the sort, or have a recommendation for another free TV tuner program?

EDIT: If this thread belongs in Software forum please by all means move it, I wasn't sure which to put it in.
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