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Help with AMd/ Geforce settings

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I've tried various settings for my pc to run FF10, but even though it says that I'm getting 36-40 fps it still moves ...erm.. it feels very very slow and twitchy.
I've also read the settings post and tried to use search on this forum but I'll need some help with this one.

I have :
CPU AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+
GeForce 9800Gt 512 mb
4 Gigs of RAM (although XP only supports 3.5 gb of ram)

I'm pretty sure that this game can run on my PC as on my brother pc ( 7600 gt geforce, xp, 2 Gb ram and Intel dual core) it runs perfectly fine.

So if anyone could help me to configure FF10 to run properly I would be very thankful.
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he has a bit slower Intel dual core
Thank you

worked, was able to run it at 1680 x 1050 resolutions with 50 to 70 fps :)
well I'm sorry to bug you again guys, but I have no where else to turn to.

after I've downloaded latest drivers you gave the link for, I got enough fps, but in most of the areas it feels like the character is running x2 slower than he's supposed to, everything feels so slow, even music slows down, though the Fps rate does not change almost. It remains at 40 to 50 even in big areas.
and (so far found 2 small rooms) where the game starts moving wayyy to fast.
Tried different speed hack settings and graphic settings, but can't figure out what's wrong... and as I've read, FF10 doesn't require too much of CPU.

Kinda strange that I can run games like Crysis or Gears Of War at high res, and can't play something like FF10 properly :(

thanks in advance :)
From the link above I've applied revision 1611 by Gabest 11 released on 2009 08 07. I think that's the latest.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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