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Help with a pc cable

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Hi guys, last night i somehow messed up the cable that connects the CD/DVD drives to motherboard. :hdbash: Does anyone know the name of the cable if it has one. Is it the same for all pc's? (correct me if not the case). Thx for the help.
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it's called an IDE cable and it it standardised, and If you don't even know that it is standardised nor what it's called why do you have your PC open in the first place
show us a picture, maybe you didn't plug it in straight or upside down
D.D. said:
can u even plug an ide cable upside down??? theres a pin missing and thats usually blocked...

then in that case, the pins on the mb/drive wud be messed up and that can be a pain.
Some crappy IDE cables have a missing key on it or the hole isn't blocked, it's rare to be missing both
wow that did you do? try to wedge it n with a knife or something?

now I am really curious
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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