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Help with a pc cable

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Hi guys, last night i somehow messed up the cable that connects the CD/DVD drives to motherboard. :hdbash: Does anyone know the name of the cable if it has one. Is it the same for all pc's? (correct me if not the case). Thx for the help.
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Well i guess u dont need to know the names to work with them. But i wasnt doing nothing with it, but putting in another HD and somehow messed that thing up. Anyhow thx for the help.
Actually the end of the cable,which goes into the motherboard, i somehow managed to split like two small wires on it. I got no clue how it happened i only noticed during bootup when the CD/DVD drives were not showing and upon inspection i noticed two small wires broken in two. Clumsy me.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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