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help width new naomi roms

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Hi, /sorry 4 the english

im tried to convert the Guilty Gear Slash CHD
*link removed*
to nullDC format but i cant find a CHDMAN that work properly

it always says Compressed Hunks of Data " unsupported CHD version", and as i now this chd is recent...then

i tried to use the chdman included in the lastest release but still dosent work...

Any idea how to do it??
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Had you bothered to read the rules after registering but before posting like you were supposed to do, you would of known and understood that Ngemu does not support piracy.

This also means that when posting on the forum for support you are expected to own an original copy of the game you intend to emulate and have legally made a backup yourself. If you don't own the game or system that's what the don't ask, don't tell policy is in place for.

Quite frankly we don't need to know that you downloaded the game nor do we care to know, it's not exactly wise to blatantly admit to piracy on a public forum.

Also linking to warez/rom sites is a big no-no.. ;)
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