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Help w/ PSX Dual Shock on LPT1 using Direct Pad Pro...fixed;)

Okay, I've used two SNES pads on LPT1 for over a year now. I did the soldiering myself using one of the many websites for directions. Recently, I've been dabling in PSX emulation and then ran across:, that site. Very cool. So I tried to wire it up. I noticed however, that his diagrams are shown from the PSX female connector, not the male I'm making for my LPT1. So I adjusted what wires went to what pins accordingly. I wired as follows:
Orange=pin 2
Black=18 & 19 & - on 9v [for dual shock]
Purple= + on 9v [dual shock]

Got it set up, works all well and good 'cept for one thing: The damn analog sticks will not calibrate properly. In the Direct Pad Pro settings, when I set it to PSX Digital it works fine like a regular PSX controller. The Analog sticks will work also as just "left analog" or "right analog", but when I set the Direct Pad settings to "PSX 6 Axis", the sticks get 'stuck' in the lower right corner of their 'coordinate planes' diagrams that show you their available movement. I've tried setting the "psx scan delay" to 4, up from the default of 3, but it doesn't help anything. If anyone's successfully home-wired one of these, can you give me some tips? Maybe there's a better driver than Direct Pad? Anyone's help here is really appreciated...

***all it needed was to click "reset calibration" in the Direct Pad settings***;)
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