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Help!!VGS at double speed.

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recently i just reformat and reinstalled m$ windoz
when i run vgs to play ff9 , it plays at almost double the speed
(mdecs play normally)
i think the only change that i make is now i'm using detonator12.10
instead det12.00

my pc specs are as below
p3 800
128mb pc100 ram
geforce2 gts
directx 8
win 98se
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What U want Us to tell U..................just guessin

what i'm trying to say is...
what can i do to make it play at normal speed..

p/s: i use ePSXe too ..but for some games , i prefer playing it in don't give suggestions of playing it in ePSXe
Re-install your VGS or delete the registry by go to Run option in Star then type "regedit" search connectix and delete it. Hope that will help.:eyespin: :smash: :eek: :smash: :eyes: :smash:
I heard that 12.xx series of detonators are causing some downspeed with geforces. Not a upspeed. This was confirmed at Nvmax. So they're reccomending using the 10.xx or 11.xx series of Detonators (but you must be the lucky ones with 12.xx)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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