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Help using cxbx-0.8.0-Pre2

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I own an X-Box. I own a bunch of games. I love using emulators and just discovered this one. I understand there are hacks and things I would need to perform in order to dump my x-box games from the x-box to a PC.

I would very much like to play with this. Testing different games with your emulator and reporting back. However, I am having difficulty finding any kind of work flow for such things.

Is there a simple step by step process one can follow to get from Point A to point B without risking getting banned?

This is strictly for personal sh1tz and giggles (I have a PS1 and Bleem, I enjoy playing my PS1 classics on my PC more than my TV) and if my input and testing will help your developement, I'd be more than happy to report back here any progress I make.

Please feel free to answer here or email me.
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if you want to play games using cxbx, go ahed and try
you may have luck with few games but i'm not sure if this emulator works but it's the best you can find.
But I can't tell you how to use it cuz I do not own any xbox games
If one of them become playable let me know

No gain, no Loss, just wanted to know what the process is for getting a game from the x-box to the emulator. Working or not it'd be fun to try. Either way, I do have the x-box and games so no worries. Just thought it'd be kewl.

Well, at this current point CxBx doesn't really run any games but Turok and a few homebrew games...The only games it seems to run is the ones from OpenXDK games. or low end XDK versions. I've been through his code, and am trying to figure out how to implement the newer XDK version(5849)....I'm a good programmer, but not that good of a reverse engineer lol

Thanks, Appreciate the update. Turok is not a game I own. Are any of these other low end games freely downloadable or only if you own the original?
Give it a try :thumb: and post some screenshots
Yes its unofficial and its legal. Also, I know the CXBX forum hasnt gotten a lot of action lately, but try not to bump threads.
Master Chief said:
but try not to bump threads.
Bumping old threads is a recipe for disaster.
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