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Help: Toca World

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When I try to play this great game on epsxe (when i am going to race), the game crashes : the following is what it saids:

¨REGIM Opcode 01 UNK PC[000b6020]¨

I ll be be very glad if someone could help me.


PD : The game runs with VGS but with poor graphics. With Epsxe the graphics are excellent.
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World Touring Cars error -

¨REGIM Opcode 01 UNK PC[000b6020]¨

Yup, I am getting the same message every time that the game is loading up a track.

Can anyone help?

It's a real pain in the ass. There's only a two or three PSX games which I want to play on epsxe and World Toruing Cars is one of them...and it doesn't work!!! Bollox
Samor, if you find a patch that gets World Touring Cars to work on espxe, please let me know :)

TOCA 2 seems to work fine on epsxe but as I have the PC version of TOCA 2 anyway, there's not much point to that.

I just wanna see if epsxe can sharpen up the graphics of looks really ropey on the proper PSX machine. I especially wanna see the night time courses and watch the sparks fly off trailing bumpers and the flames from blown engines :p very cool indeed
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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