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Help: Toca World

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When I try to play this great game on epsxe (when i am going to race), the game crashes : the following is what it saids:

¨REGIM Opcode 01 UNK PC[000b6020]¨

I ll be be very glad if someone could help me.


PD : The game runs with VGS but with poor graphics. With Epsxe the graphics are excellent.
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I posted this almost a month ago, hope it helps:

I've found something really neat when it comes to games that don't typically work on ePSXe. If you have any demo disc laying around (I happen to have some OPM discs laying around, one had TOCA on it) pop it into your comp. Most of the time it'll start up fine. In the case of this OPM disc, TOCA runs perfectly. So, I wonder if any coders/developers out there could develop a method where we gould switch out demo discs with the full version (kind of like the import swapping method for the old playstations). There's always a possibility...

Try it out... its pretty cool being able to play games that don't typically work on ePSXe with this method :)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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