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HELP! SP2 Is Messing With Me!

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Damn u microsoft :mad:

Ok I'm sure everyone knows about patching the Uxtheme to use those awesome visual styles, anyways before I installed SP2 it worked perfectly. Now when I restart my pc windows changes it to windows classic and I cant select any other theme aside from the regular ones.

What is the problem?
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Most likely SP2 overwrote the uxtheme.dll file with the newer SP2 version of the same file

You should use Neowin's UXTheme patcher:
But that's the problem, I already did that. When I restart it goes back to classic. It dosnt do it every time but once it does I have to re-patch.
read all the directions....when Windows ask you that a system file needs to be replaced, hit cancel.
and make sure your using the sp2 version, that was my problem
Gotta love how people blame their own mistakes on Microsoft.:lol:
I found out that you have to go in safe mode so SP2 dosnt keep overwrighting the UxTheme.dll file. Works like a charm now.
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