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help selecting the right plugings and the right Settings!

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hey people, I can't understand much the setup sistem of pete's plugings, and it's not his fault, I kknow it's mine, but what pluging and settings you recommend to me?????? I have a celeron 533 with 96 MB and a TNT2 m64 with 32 MB card!!
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ups... hope I didn't broke any rules....
Nah, you didn't violate any rules. For Pete's plugins, you'll probably need to use his D3D plugin for speed (but you can still use as a good guide, even if it's for an older version of Pete's OpenGL plugin). For sound? Not sure which one's the fastest, but Null's is pretty fast (although definitely no longer the best sounding one). BTW, this is probably better off in misc PSX emu discussion, so I'll move it over there.
thanks... I really noticed that Pete recommend to the nvidia owners that stick to the openGL GPU but I was experimenting nad found that for me, the D3D was faster... Thanks again; for the sound, his Dsound plugin is very fast, and the quality of the sound is outstanding.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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