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This post is regarding one man's mission to find something to push a button repeatedly for no$gba.

It is also questioning to enable turbo / rapid fire mode in no$zoomer. (I already have it selected plus check marked for the keys) It is also about using alternative party software to create rapid fire macros.

It all began so simple days ago...

Before me was Harvest Moon DS. I was tired of losing save games (I now understand why they were lost, but no consolation to the hours and hours of lost game play) I was ready to up and mean to streamline my method of advancing my character. :innocent:

So I downloaded my favorite automation tool, Automate by a company called Unisyn. But for some reason, the keys sent would not affect no$gba one iota. The keys would be sent fine to other programs like a notepad document. What gives? I tried it to then simulate sending mouse clicks to the program and although the mouse would move to where it was supposed to failed to click on the spot I needed it to click on. It was like no$gba was not even there!!! I wanted automation, darnit and I was losing my mind trying to figure this out.

My friend told me that the automation software could not interact with the emulator for some GUI. The windows virtual keyboard did nothing as well.

Finally I downloaded no$zoomer excited that at last I had found a program that would emulate turbo / rapid fire mode. I could then just sit a brick on the key I needed to be pushed rapidly, leave my computer and arrive back after I had cooked dinner to find my character leveled up with his relationships in town. Not so!!! No$zoomer also failed to assist me in my quest for the repeat button pushing device. Why so hard? Why so difficult? I searched and searched, I read every sticky until I could no longer contain myself....does ANYONE know what gives?

By the way....I heard that a program called XPadder works to emulate the keyboard for a game pad so I know that at least something is out there that works for others. Has anyone anything to add to this? Thanks for the help / ideas. I've run out of ideas on my end. oO
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