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Hi, dear everybody :

In the past I have had such a good time playing playstation games through epsxe with my Voodoo 3 2000 . All the games I haveruns smooth and fast (50-60fts) in the resolution 1024 x 768 with lewpys plugin . Now I just update my Voodoo 3 to Radeon ddr 64 mb . I'm dissapoinited . All the games run much slower (at least 15fts slower ) than they did with Voddo 3 . Could Any body here tell me how configure peter's plug in right ? and should I better use peter's opgl or d3d plug in ? And should I change the configuration of my ATI Radeon vedio control panel for opgl
and d3d to make the games runs fatser by epsxe and how ?

My spes is pentium 3 450 hz


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check your video control panel for ogl/d3d and make vsync to off (if an option exists).

for the ogl/d3d that depends on you, check which plugin has better compatibility with your video. (use d3d first though, then the ogl one) can't tell you which one is better:( (don't have the video board:( )

btw, the voodoo series of cards was nice (really nice) for emulation but they're :dead: now:( :( :(

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My Radeon ddr 64 mb runs each plugin type (d3d/ogl) very well @ 1280x960 full speed no slowdowns with all the graphic goodies turned on.
I personally prefer the d3d plugin my self.
Also like you I upgraded from a voodoo card and was disapointed at first with the speed of my new card but its more than likelly because of all the old voodoo driver crap cloging up your system.
I'd recommend a format or at least search your registry for all voodoo related stuff and delete it.
My cards performance rocketed as soon as I did a fresh install.
Also maybe your processor is holding you back as I upgraded from a duron600 to an athalon 1000 it performed a lot better.
You have got a great card there and it will run all your games full speed as soon as you do this I'm sure....
check out for good radeon stuff (tweakers / drivers etc) and theres a good forum there as well with lots of knowledgable people who can help further if these tips dont help.
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