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Help plz

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I don't really know why this isn't working. but I am a newb at this. I imported my game (exe) and configured the controller then exported it as an xbe but it shows up as a blank screen on my xbox. What else do I need to do?
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Holy crap. If you're trying to run something besides Turok, it ain't gonna work.
Yet another extremely specifically named thread.
wait wait wait.... did you say imported exe and exported xbe and tried to play on your Xbox? CXBX can't take random windows executables and let you play them on your xbox, if thats what your thinking...
Yeah you need to do more then convert your exe. You need to do some additional programming I believe. I asked caustik a while back on IM about the same thing your referring to, and he said you can't b/c CXBE(same thing prob goes for CXBX) doesnt do any library conversion. whatever that means.
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