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Help Plz!

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what's your epsxe config.? plz tell me so i could try to see if it will solve my problems.
here's my system spec:
P3 533 mhz
voodoo 3 3000 with DX 7.0 support
yamaha sound thing
128 ram

is the system good enough? i can't seem to play the fmv. files or the movie files, it is because the emulator does not support my grahpic card? plz somebody, let me know, thanks alot!
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Originally posted by sxamiga
Septikus, I don't think that Pete's CD Rom plugin or the internal CD Rom plugin that comes w/ePSXe require you to have an ASPI layer installed and know that the TSGmscdex plugin doesn't need one.
All plugins with an "ASPI" on their name require an ASPI Layer installed. You probably didn't notice this because most versions of Windows already have it. Windows 2000 seems to be the sole exception.

[]s Badaro
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