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I´m new in this board, hope you guys could help me:)
I´ve got some problems with the Zelda games:

-Zelda Oot:The game looks perfect: textures, water, lights, pre-rendered backgrounds, even the menu is great (Althoug it takes a bit long to load) BUT there is a strange problem, Link and some Kokiris wear a white dress. Not the entire character, only the dress¿¿??. It´s not the rom fault cause I´ve tested some diferent roms.
I´m in the Deku tree now and i haven´t miss anything but the strange problem.

-Zelda Mmask:Looks great too but the sky is always red (Except with the D3D6 plugin) and the sound is jerky when the city is too much crowed.
Link is green here:) so no problem with the dressing here.

I know the Matrox is not a good card for Pj64 but perhaps some problems are fixable. A lot of games are very playable even with the card fact. I´ve the latest drivers.
Help me, please!

PD: How could I insert an image from my Harddisk in a post?

My System:
Pentium 4 1,7ghz
Matrox G400 32
Soundblaster 128 Value
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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