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I´m new in this board, hope you guys could help me:)
I´ve got some problems with the Zelda games:

-Zelda Oot:The game looks perfect: textures, water, lights, pre-rendered backgrounds, even the menu is great (Althoug it takes a bit long to load) BUT there is a strange problem, Link and some Kokiris wear a white dress. Not the entire character, only the dress¿¿??. It´s not the rom fault cause I´ve tested some diferent roms.
I´m in the Deku tree now and i haven´t miss anything but the strange problem.

-Zelda Mmask:Looks great too but the sky is always red (Except with the D3D6 plugin) and the sound is jerky when the city is too much crowed.
Link is green here:) so no problem with the dressing here.

I know the Matrox is not a good card for Pj64 but perhaps some problems are fixable. A lot of games are very playable even with the card fact. I´ve the latest drivers.
Help me, please!

PD: How could I insert an image from my Harddisk in a post?

My System:
Pentium 4 1,7ghz
Matrox G400 32
Soundblaster 128 Value

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Well,I belive that the problem in OOT of link being white is because of your videocard(not sure though),PJ is known to run well on GeForce cards an Radeons.
Also,PJ isn't optimized for P4,maybe that's why ZeldaMM is sometimes slow,but just to be sure,can you post your configuration?(I mean plugins and their settings)
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