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help please

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hi all who can help me with pcsx 0.9.6 what configuration to chose?
mine computer specs :
8gb ram ddr3
Nvidia 9800gtx 512mb
intel core 2quad 2.33ghz
free space :1tb ......
what config to chose cuz its laggy and tenkaichi sparkling video >.<

Thanks in advance :)
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PCSX2 config basically lies in gsdx and speedhack if your problem lies in speed, all others follow the official guide, try changing directx version (if you use vista/7), changing resolution for weak video card (your's not need) and checking speedhack, find yourself what's best for your system.
Then try messing with speed hack and use the latest beta, for more solid performance increase though you need to overclock your CPU to at least 3GHz.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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