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T'is my first time playing a final fantasy game, and I would admit that this game really ROCKS!!!

Unfortunately, I encountered some annoying problems on my system. I don't know if it's cause by my system being slow (K62-500, Banshee 16mb with Lewpy's latest plugin, 256MB RAM, using ISOs) or some settings I may have not known.

My problem is that when I save a state before a certain movie, and then load that particular state and continue with the game, when I reached that movie portion, all I get is a blank (white) screen with the sound running on the background. But when I load from the game's memory card, there is no problem on the movies.

What's the point of playing final fantasy without these movies? :D [although I used PSmplay, but it's a different experience]
I play on the PC because of the graphics and the savestates. :)

Any suggestion appreciated.

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Note - You will run into SERIOUS problems with save-states when you reach the next CD. Until this problem is resolved, a good idea is to not use save-states on games using more than one CD.

What is the problem? When you get to the next CD and hit the save-state, your save will be recorded for the PREVIOUS CD, not the current one, causing it to load up incorrect information and make it unplayable. If you can recover your save games from your save-state, then start up the emulator from scratch, load the save-game, and get to the next CD. Then all should be well.
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