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I just got it a few days ago and i have been playing a lot. I already got to mt. zozo with a few cheats. At mt. zozo after I found the thunder shield i go up the stairs and right before i go across this long bridge to get the aegis shield(I know it from a walkthrough) I get blocked by an invisible thing or block. It's blocking me from even getting on the bridge while I clearly see nothing is blocking me. Can someone help me please?:(

Btw, I was on my way to get Cyan after finding the pidgeon in Maranda.

[Edit] I read the forum posting rules but I'm not sure if save files count. If someone has a save file they can share thats after mt. zozo or after the part I'm stuck on, it would be appreciated. And If you can't post it here please send me an email to [email protected], but post here letting me know you will send an email.
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