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Help on ePSXe please

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Hi, I'm having trouble with Chrono CRoss. I am using 1.5.2, though on 1.6 I have the exact same problem and no others.
I am using Pete's DX6 D3D, ePSXe SPV core 1.5.2, and ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K.
I am running Windows XP.
The problem is that whenever I try to see Leena on the pier it starts jumping (the music) and repeating, and it gets steadily darker but doesn't get light again. Can anybody help?
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moving thread to the epsxe section, you're more liekly to get a solution there ;).

Anyways sounds like a dodgy disk. Try making an image file from it and see if that solves the prob.
use a different CD plugin if you must play off CD, and definitely get a new SPU plugin.
hushypushy said:
use a different CD plugin if you must play off CD, and definitely get a new SPU plugin.
I've tried it on the original CD, an ISO, and a copy of the CD. It does basically the same thing on each one, and in slightly different ways on each emulator. (1.5 or 1.6). On 1.5 it gets darker but just light enough so you can see the people still, and the sound jumps. In 1.6, it get's completely and but the music keeps going. Occasionally, on 1.6 if you leave it long enough (an hour or maybe 2!) it will eventually come back, but not usually.

What SPU plugin should I try?

PS. Legend of Dragoon runs way too fast- like 10 times the speed it's supposed to be. How do I fix this?

for legend of dragoon make sure fps limiting is enabled and fps skipping is disabled and that fps is on auto (or on 60/50)
Thanks on Legend of Dragoon! :)
The problem with Chrono Cross was the CD itself. I borrowed a friend's and it worked. Except now, after you turn into Lynx, right when the screen goes white when you're looking up through the water, it freezes. I can't get it past that part. Help, please?
You tried the Odd/Even Bit Hack listed under Special Game Fixes or adding the -noauto command-line parameter?
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