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i have q6600 2.4 ghz..mother board intel dg35...ati 4850hd
pcsx2 is slow for me in mgs3....
is overclocking advisable for my cpy,coz already 4850 temp is around 70 while playing games....
after overclocking can i reduce the speed to default one?? i have 500 w power supply
no extra coolers.......and my room dont have AC.....
can i overclock to 3.1ghz without attaching any cooler?
or wht is the minimum speed to overclock without any coolers???
last thing is how to overclock??????????????
do i need to do it in bios alone or i have to open my cabinet???
can u please tell the steps...
and sorry for asking much questions and thank you

3,611 Posts setting for ur pcsx2.....maybe thehy would be some mistake in it
2.u can overclock....but those temperatures of 70 looks a bit dangerous(its an intel mother board dont expect much overclocking from it)
3.yes u can reduce its speed

4.its advised to use a cooler

5.for any overclocking i would reccomend to use coolers.....but as a thumb rule dont let the stress temperature of the cpu beyond 65 degrees

6.Overclockers UK
the above site contains many guides and information about overclocking.whatever overclocking you do do it in small steps dont go insane...

7.for coolers u gotta open the cabinet.....

and welcome to the forums

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My pcsx2 settings...
gsdx plugin sse3.....directx 9 hardware.....1024 768 resolution
nloop hack and texture filtering greyed out...other options off
i used recommended i have to turn on timestretching????
mgs3 runs at 55 fps ans slows down during some graphics intense areas...around 25-30.....gameplay is fine
but cutscenes are really laggy or stuttering based on timestretching options...
u know mgs without cutscenes is not mgs at alll
is thr any way i can speed up my cutscenes.....coz ingame is good i think...
and btw overclocking i have up.....i dont wanna lose my processor.....
i read my myboard does not support overclocking and i have to do a BSEL mod or something....
thanks for your reply was helpful

i use pcsx2 0.96 and i used all the speed hacks and in cpu section i used 2nd option for frame limit and everything else enabled....
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